What is the full form of IPM ?

What is the full form of IPM ? INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM)
Use of biopesticides is likely to be an integral part of disease management strategy for
crops including medicinal plants. Biopesticides offer a potential solution to the dilemma
from both the environment and industrial viewpoint in integrated disease management
system. The use of pesticides should be managed in such a way that it will not pose any
adverse effect on plant growth, seed viability, active constituent, yield of medicinal plants as
well as human health. To meet the demand of herbal products or crude drugs for growing
pharmaceutical industries, increase in herbal production is of utmost importance and hence
pesticides seem to be indispensable.

What is the full form of IPM ?
Integrated pest management (IPM) or Biointensive IPM is their selection, integration
and implementation of pest control based on predicted economic, ecological and sociological
consequences. The Government of India has adopted IPM as a major thrust area and the
main plan of crop protection programme. IPM approach is eco-friendly. It aims at minimal
use of hazardous chemical pesticides but instead employes alternate pest control methods
and techniques like cultural, mechanical, biological and using pheromones, biocides etc. The
most commonly used biopesticide sources are Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Baculovirus,
trichoderma, trichogamma and neem (Azadirachta indica).

Soil conditioning, crop rotation and improved sanitation practices are some simple
methods to reduce pest problems. The crops can also be protected by eliminating pests by
methods of starvations, where a target crop is grown to lure insects away from the economic
crop. Sometimes, to obtain desirable pest control, biological methods are supplemented with
chemical pesticides. Employing the natural enemies of crop pest like parasites and predators
and a variety of bio-control agents, such as beneficial bacteria and viruses, have been
successful in the management of pests. Among the cases of IMP success are the package for
staple crop viz., sugarcane, cotton, citrus, vegetables etc.

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