What is FTP,TCP/IP and HTTP full form

What is HTTP full form ? TCP/IP full form ? FTP full form- We talk About Meaning and Computer term full form

HTTP Full Form -Hyper text Transfer Protocol

This protocol is the most commonly used protocol for the transmission of Hypertext between two or more computers.

This protocol is used by world wide web (www) for transmission of hypertext. This is a simple request/response protocol which is run over the TCP/IP protocol.

HTTP works and Support

This protocol is also based on client server technology. The data transferred may be plain text, hypertext, images, graphics etc.

HTTP protocol, supports lot of formats. The data transmission takes place between the client, which can be the browser also, which the HTTP protocol achieves by sending the list of formats, which the client can handle, to the server, which responds by giving data in the formats, which client can under understand.

The webserver “www” is also known as “httpd” servers as they are based on http protocol. For other functionalities, the http protocol. For other functionalities, the http protocol supports and provides access to variety of protocols like SMTP (Simple mail Transfer protocol), POP (Post office Protocol) WAIS etc.

What is TCP/IP

This is the Protocol which is used by internet for data transmission ,using IP addressing,mechanism.

This protocol is compassed of two basic protocol.

1. TCP -Transmission Control Protocol

2. IP -Internet Protocol

The TCP part is used to break the data into small packets and IP part help to address the packets to be Transmitted . This is an International standard for internet.

What is FTP

FTP full form is File Transfer Protocol -This protocol is part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. This Protocol is used for transfer of files between computers .This Protocol is a very powerful tool for transfer of files.

This protocol works on the principle of client/server Technology

The client interacts with server for transfer files,using FTP.when files are transferred,they are compressed.

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