Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi 500 words

Indian Greatest Leader-Short Essay On Mahatma Gandhi .This short Essay for student and every people ,

mahatma Gandhi called -Father of Nation and His contribution for Indian Freedom Movement is priceless

Lives of great men all remind us. That we can make our lives

-H. W. Long fellow
Some are born great, some are made great and there are son who’s greatness is thrust upon.
-Gandhiji was born great

Mahatma Gandhi

Introduction—Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is my favorite hero. He is vivid in my living memory. Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of non-violence is the hero of the whole of humanity. He is immortal because of his services to humanity.

He shall continue to reign in our hearts so long as our civilization lasts. When Gandhiji was shot dead on 30th January 1948,

The whole world was shocked. People felt as if another christ had been nailed to the cross. He didn’t have the authority of a ruler, did not possess the power of a general and not possess the riches of a millionaire. He was a simple man clad in a loin-cloth.He set the stamp of his character on an age

His Education & Occupation

He was born in a middle-class orthodox Hindu family of Gujrat at Rajkot. Having gotten his initial training in India, he went to London.. He became a barrister-at-law. Thereafter he went to South Africa. He set up legal practice. Here he was greatly shocked at the cruel and inhuman treatment to Indians He fearlessly accepted the challenge. He started the struggle for justice. This was a struggle against the cruelties of white men.

Gandhiji practiced what he preached. He studied the Upanishads, Gita
Quran and the Bible. He also went through the works of great Western thinkers and philosophers.

His Struggle For Freedom

Gandhiji started the struggle of non-cooperation and satyagraha to overthrow the British Government.
The British rulers jailed him several times. Be that as it may, finally they needed to bow down
and surrender to his satyagraha. Thus he brought freedom to India without using weapons.

His Death

Though India got freedom, Gandhiji was not happy, There were Hindu-Muslim-riots and a lot of blood-shed. He tried to bring communal harmony back. The bitterness needed a sacrifice and took his life.
He was shot dead by Godse on 30th Jan 1948,

His Place

Gandhiji was not just a political leader. He was a social reformer and economist, philosopher, and saint who loved the people of this country. He did not want just political-freedom but real freedom, freedom from ignorance, hunger, hatred, and poverty.

That’s why, on his death,

Nehruji said,” Light has gone out of our lives
and darkness is everywhere.”

Churchill said, “ O Indians ! we saved Gandhi, but you killed him.”

Einstein said of Gandhi, “The future generation will not believe that
such a soul can be in flesh and blood.”

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