knowledge-words A

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knowledge-words A ,let start

Abattoir –  (noun) slaughterhouse
Abjure –    disown, renounce on oath (an opinion,
                   hearsay, cause, claim, etc.)

Aberrations -deviation, straying Aboulia loss of willpower 

Abrade  – injure, to wear away

 Abnegate– deny oneself, renounce
Abrogate -to annul, abolish, repeal

Absolve -pardon, exonerate, forgive

 Abstinence -continence, partial fasting, self-denial

Abstruse -obscure, esoteric, difficult, complicated

Accession -entering upon an office (especially the
Acclivity –  upward slope

 Accolade -sign at bestowal of knighthood, stroke
                   on shoulder with flat of sword

 Ablution– cleansing, washing, bathing

 Abyss -chasm, void, a bottomless depth
Accretion -growth by organic enlargement,
                  growing of separate things into one
Acephalous -headless, having no chief, having no
part body specially organised as head

Acidulous– sour in taste or manner (often used in
                   connection with tone or voice)

 Acolyte  – assistant, beginner, church officer,
                  attending priest

Acrid -sharp, biting, bitter in temper or
           manner Acrimony bitterness of temper or manner

Acoustics -the science of sound

Acrostics– word arrangement especially in poems
                     in which the first or the first and last
                      letters make a word or words.

Actuarial -calculating

Actuate -communicate motion to (machine, etc.)
                cause operation (of electrical device,etc.) be
                   motive for action of (person)

Acumen-perspicacity, discemment, insight

Adamantive-hard inflexible

 Addle -empty, vain, muddled, unsound

Addendum -addition, appendix, thing to be added

Adduce -cite, put forward as evidence, quote

Ad lib-to any desired extent

Aegis        -protection, sponsorship

Adulation -servile flattery, with an intention of
                     winning favour

knowledge-words A anywhare

Acon  –     eternity, an age of universe,
               immeasurable period

Afflatus   -divine revelation, inspiration
Affray     -conflict, fight, in a public place

Aficionado– devotee

Agglomeration -mass, orderless mass, indiscriminate

Agnate –        descended from same forefather of same  clan or nation (fig) akin, of same nature.

Akimbo –   a physical position in which the hands
                   rest on the hips and the elbows are
                    turned outward at a sharp angle.

Albeit      -though

Alienism–  psychiatry, study and treatment of
                   mental diseases

Alimentation– nourishment and maintenance

Alleviation– lessening, mitigating, assuaging

Altruism– principle of considering the well-being
                    and happiness of others first.

Ambidextrous -able to use left and right hands equaliy well

Amelioration– improvement, causing to become better

Amenities -pleasant features/ways.

Amphibious– capable of living both on land and
Ambivalence – vacillation

Anathema – accursed thing, curse of god, hatred,

Anchorite – hermit, recluse

Animadversion -criticism, censure

Annunciate -proclaim

Anosmia– loss of sense of smell

Anteprandial -before dinner

Aphorism -short pithy statement or maxim

Apex -highest point, top, zenith

Apiary-place where bees are kept

Aplomb– self-possession, self-confidence

Aposiopesis– sudden breaking off in speech

Vocabulary A

Apothegm – pithy, compact saying

Apparition– ghost, phantom

Appellation –name or title

Apposite -well expressed, appropriate

Appurtenance– belonging,appendage, accessory

Arable -cultivable

Arboreal -of, living in, connected with trees

Areanum – mystery secret, (adj) areane

Archive – deposit of public records

Argentiferous– yielding silver

Argot – jargon or slang of class or group
Arroyo – brook, stream, gully

Asservation – solemn declaration, positive affirmation

Asunder – (adj) apart, separate

Atavism -resemblance to remote ancestors rather than parents

Arravilious -melancholy, ill-tempered, pessimistic 

 Atternate -make thin, to weaken, to dilute, reduce in force, value or virulence
Atticism– extreme elegance of speech
 Audacious -bold, impudent, arrogant, daring
Augury – omen, deviation by omens
 Auriferous  -yielding or containing gold
 Autarchy -absolute sovereignty, despotism autocracy


knowledge-words A

knowledge-words A