Highest Smallest Longest in the Worlds

Highest Smallest Longest in the Worlds | Worlds Top highest,Smallest and Longest Fact

Highest Smallest Longest in the Worlds


Largest continent  -Asia

 Smallest continent – Australia

The longest stretch of land from north to south -America
Largest ocean  -pacific

 Smallest Ocean -Arctic
Deepest Ocean – Pacific

The lowest point on Earth is   -the  Dead Sea (Dad C) (Israel-Jordan)

The deepest point in the ocean is  -the Mariana Trench (Philippines).

The highest mountain  -Mount Everest (Himalaya)
Lowest mountain  -Bhaina Bhale

The highest

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The highest dead volcano  –  Cerro Accancagua, Argentina (6960 m)
Highest Active Volcano – guullatiri (chili)


Largest river valleyAmazon (6,448 km)
 The highest dormant volcano – Lullalaco (Chile) (6,723 m)

Highest plateauTibet (4, 875 m height, area 200,000 km)
Longest riverNile (6,670 km)
 The largest river – amazon

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Smallest river – Roe River Montana (61 m long)
Largest estuary Orb in  – northern Russia (885 km)

Largest Lake -Caspian Sea
Deepest lake  -Ozero Baikal, Siberia

Largest Freshwater Lake -Superior Lake, North America
Largest Man-Made Lake – Mead at Boulder Lake, United States

 Highest navigable lake  -Lago Titicaca, Peru-Bolivia
Largest Gulf  -Mexico Gulf (1500,000 km)

 The Largest

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Highest Smallest Longest in the Worlds

Deepest Valley Way  -Hale’s Kenyon, USA
Highest Ocean Depth  -Challenger Deep (10,900 m), Pacific Ocean

Bay of Tide -ebb, Nova Scotia
Largest Sea (not the deepest)  -South China Sea

The largest delta is  -the  Sundar Forest, on the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers

in Bangladesh (75,000 sq km)
The largest saltwater lake – Caspian Sea

Largest peninsula – Arabia (3,250,000 sq km)
Largest Desert – Sahara (North Africa)

La Pesh (Bolivia) the highest capital

Largest Valley Route Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Arizona

Highest city Wenchuan (Tibet)
Aukankilka, the highest village on the Andes Mountains

Largest island Greenland (Kalalit Nunat)
The most populous city  -Shanghai

Monaco city with highest population density
The least populated city -Vatican City

Hottest region North-Eastern Sahara, Azizia (Libya)

Largest Bay -Hudson Bay, Northern Canada

Coldest Region – Verkoyansk in Siberia
Lowest city – Village near Mritasagar

Smallest Country – Vatican City
North-most city – Nielsund, Spitsbergen (Norway)

Largest city – Mount Isa (Queensland)
Highest Falls – Angel Falls Venezuela,

 Largest Atoll – Khwajalain, Marshall Islands in the Central Pacific
The longest coral-wall Great Barrier coral-wall,

Highest Active Geyser – Australia’s ‘Giant’ in Yellowstone

National Park, USA
Largest  Islands -Indonesia

Smallest Republic – Nauru (2,129 ha; population – 1900)
 Smallest colony – Gibraltar (5.8 km )

Largest Dam – Grand Coulee Dam, USA
Highest dam– Rohanskai, Tajikistan

Highest waterfall – Fountain Hills, Arizona
Largest reservoir – Brats Lake on the Angara River

Worlds Top highest,Smallest and Longest Fact

Largest Strait – Tatar ski  Prolive (between Tartar Strait, Sakalin

Islands and Russia) 800 km
Wide Strait – Davis Strait (between Buffin Island and

Greenland) (338 km wide)

The narrowest strait – between the Aegean island of Yuboea and the mainland

of Greece (40 m wide)
Largest Ocean Flow – Antarctic Circular or Eastern Air

Drainage Flow
Strongest Ocean Flow – Nakwakto Rapid, Slingsavi Channel,

British Columbia (Canada)

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