Grammar vs Spelling : English Quiz

Grammar vs Spelling : English Quiz– Test With Fun Quiz

and Improvement Your Knowledge

English Quiz

Directions : In each of the following

Questions, Choose the Correctly spelt Word.

1. [A] Efflorascence

[B] Efflorescence

[C] Efllorescence


[B] Efflorescence ✔

2. [A] Exemple

[B] Exampel

[C] Example

[D] Exampal

[C] Example ✔

3. [A] Argumant



[D] Arguement

[C] Argument ✔
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4. [A] Aproched

[B] Aproached

[C] Approched

[D] Approached

[D]  Approached ✔

5. [A] Scripture

[B] Scriptur

[C] Skripture

[D] Scripcher

[A]  Scripture ✔


6. [A]Pesanger

[B] Pessenger

[C] Pasanger

[D] Passenger

[D]  Passenger ✔

7. [A] Sattellite

[B] Satellite

[C] Sattelite

[D] Satelite

[B] Satellite ✔

8. [A] Commettee

[B] Committe


[D] Committee

[D] Committee ✔

9. [A] Corupt

[B] Curropt

[C] Corrupt

[D] Currupt

[C] Corrupt ✔

Quiz-Grammar vs Spelling

10. [A] Achievement

[B] Acheivment

[C] Achievment

[D] Achevement

[A]  Achievement ✔

11. [A] Bouquete


[C] Boquet

[D] Bouquette

[B] Bouquet ✔

12. [A] Foreigner

[B] Forienor

[C] Foriegnor

[D] Foreiner

[A] Foreigner ✔

13. [A] Exagerate

[B] Exadgerate

[C] Exaggerate

[D] Exeggerate

[C]  Exaggerate ✔

14. [A] Acurrate

[B] Accurate



[B]  Accurate ✔

Quiz English Easy

15. [A] Forecast

[B] Forcaust

[C] Forcast

[D] Forecaste

[A] Forecast ✔

16. [A] Puerille

[B] Puerrile

[C] Puerile


[C] Puerile ✔

17. [A] Entreprenuer

[B] Entrepraneur

[C] Entrapreneur

[D] Entrepreneur

[D]  Entrepreneur ✔

18. [A] Commission

[B] Commisson

[C] Commision

[D] Comission

[A]  Commission ✔

19. [A] Preservarance

[B] Perseverance

[C] Perseverence

[D] Preserverence

[B]  Perseverance ✔

20. [A] Illusteous

[B] Illistrious

[C] Ilustrious

[D] Illustrious

[D]  Illustrious ✔

21. [A] Pitiaeble

[B] Pitiable

[C] Pitiabale

[D] Pitiebale

[B] Pitiable ✔

22. [A] Paralelled

[B] Parallelled

[C] Paralleled

[D] parralleled

[C]  Paralleled ✔

23. [A] Vetniary

[B] Vetarinary

[C] Veteninary

[D] Veterinary

[D] Veterinary ✔

24. [A] Tranquillity

[B] Trenquillity

[C] Trenquility

[D] Tranquility

[A] Tranquillity ✔

25. [A] Fullfil

[B] Fulfil

[C] Fulfill

[D] Fullfill

[C] Fulfill ✔


Enlish Quiz -Practice

26. [A] Recommand
[B] Recommend
[C] Reccomend
[D] Recomend

[B]  Recommend ✔

27. [A] Omenous

[B] Ominous

[C] Omineous

[D] Ommineous

[B] Ominous  ✔

28. [A] Tempereture

[B] Temparature

[C] Temperature

[D] Tamperature

[C] Temperature  ✔

29. [A] Overlapped

[B] Overlaped

[C] Overleped

[D] Overllaped

[A] Overlapped ✔

30. [A] Necessary

[B] Necessarry

[C] Necesary

[D] Neccessary

[A] Necessary ✔

31. [A] Benefeted

[B] Benifited

[C] Benefited

[D] Benifitted

[C] Benefited ✔

32. [A] Sacrilegeous


[C] Sacriligious

[D] Sacreligious

[B] Sacrilegious ✔

33. [A] Giraf

[B] Gerraffe

[C] Geraff

[D] Giraffe

[D]  Giraffe ✔

34. [A] Forein




[D]  Foreign ✔

35. [A] Lackadaisical


[C] Lackadaisicle


[A] Lackadaisical ✔

36. [A] Sepulchral


[C] Sepalchral


[A]  Sepulchral ✔

37. [A] Acomodation


[C] Acommodation


[D]  Accommodation ✔

38. [A] Inimitable


[C] Inimitible


[A] Inimitable ✔

39. [A] Refrigerator


[C] Refridgerator


[A]  Refrigerator ✔

40. [A] Obssesion


[C] Obsession


[C] Obsession ✔

41. [A] Hindrence


[C] Hinderence


[B]  Hindrance ✔

42. [A] Consceintious


[C] Conscintous


[D] Conscientious ✔

43. [A] Cancelation


[C] Cancellation


[C] Cancellation ✔

44. [A] Equannimity


[C] Equanimity


[C] Equanimity ✔

45. [A] Accomplish


[C] Accompalish


[A] Accomplish ✔

46. [A] Occurrance


[C] Occurance


[B]  Occurrence ✔

47. [A] Gaurantee


[C] Garuntee


[B] Guarantee ✔

48. [A] Parlamentry


[C] Parlimentry


[B]  Parliamentary ✔

49. [A] Itinarary




[C]  Itinerary ✔

50. [A] Tentaitive


[C] Tentitive


[B] Tentative ✔

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