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General English Quiz Question -Correct Your English Grammar, Play quiz and Increase Your skills

General English Quiz-Question and  answer

Directions-In each of the following sentence, a blank space has been left. Fill in the blank space with the correct word from the four choices given below each sentence

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Q:1.He made …… but failed .

[A]  attempt after attempts

[B]  attempts after attempts

[C]  attempts after attempt

[D]  attempt after attempt

[D] attempt after attempt ✔

Q:2. There is no difference from …… .

[A] Man to man

[B] Men to men

[C] Man to men 

[D] Men to man 

[A] Man to man ✔

Q:3. He knocked from …… for help .

[A] Doors to door 

[B] Door to door

[C] Doors to doors 

[D] Door to doors 

[B]  Door to door ✔

Q:4. Neither of them has done …… work .

[A] their

[B] theirs 

[C] his

[D] her

[C]  his ✔

Q: 5. I have bought a new…… .

[A] spectacle

[B] spectacles

[C] a pair of spectacle

[D] a pair of spectacle

[D] a pair of spectacle ✔

Easy-General English Quiz Question

Q: 6. His …… turned grey .

[A] hair has

[B] hairs have

[C] hairs has

[D] hair have

[A] hair has ✔

Q:7. They have passed …… examination.

[A] her

[B] his

[C] their

[D] its

[C] their

Q:8. He is both a knave …… a scoundrel .

[A] and

[B] but

[C] nor

[D] or

[A] but ✔

Q:9. He would rather .

[A] to beg

[B] and beg

[C] then beg

[D] than beg

[D]  than beg ✔

Q: 10. He can speak …… fluently …… she .

[A] SO, SO

[B] as, as

[C] so, as

[D] as, so

[B] as, as ✔

General English

Q:11. Tell me …… you have read .

[A] that

[B] which

[C] what

[D] whom

[C]  what ✔

Q:12. The thief took …… a large jewel case from the wardrobe.

[A] out

[B] from


[D] with

[A]  out✔

Q:13. He …… a knave .

[A] either is a fool or

[B] is either a fool or

[C] either a fool is or

[D] is a fool either or

[B]  is either a fool or ✔

Q: 14. Either you help me …… I shall fail.

[A] otherwise

[B] but

[C] else

[D] or

[D]  or ✔

Q:15. No sooner did I hear the bell …… I sat out .


[B] then

[C] hardly

[D] than

[D] than ✔

Q: 16. I had hardly opened my eyes …..I saw standing before are .

[A] then

[B] when

[C] than

[D] but

[B] when ✔

Q: 17. Either you return my books …… pay their cost .

[A] nor

[B] and

[C] or

[D] but

[C]  or ✔

Q:18. He is neither honest …… industrious .

[A] nor

[B] not

[C] and

[D] both

[A]  nor ✔

Q:19. She refrained ……. scolding her child until the company left .

[A] to

[B] from

[C] in

[D] of 

[B]  from ✔

Q:20 She sat …… to dine before the round table .

[A] below

[B] down

[C] beneath

[D] in 

[B] down ✔

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Q:21 How did you come …… this book ? 

[A] about

[B] by

[C] over

[D] across

[B] by ✔

Q:22. They dreamed …… delicious dishes served in wondrous plates .

[A] about


[C] by

[D] of

[D] of ✔

Q:2 3. Yuwan, as untrustworthy as ever, backed……the contract.

[A] out of

[B] from

[C] off

[D] without

[A] out of ✔

Q: 24. Tactless and anti-social persons are responsible for giving a dismal start……the New Year.

[A] for

[B] at

[C] to

[D] during

[C] to ✔

Q:2 5. The neighbors are complaining….the smell in your kitchen.

[A] of

[B] against

[C] about

[D] for

[C]  about ✔

Q:26. What do you expect me to do …… that ? 

[A] of

[B] for

[C] by

[D] with

[D]  with ✔

Q:27. Kindly send me my book as soon as you are…..with it.

[A]  off

[B] through

[C] out

[D] up

[B]  through ✔

Q:28. Two great tears ran slowly …… the corners of her eyes .

[A]  down

[B] below

[C] from

[D] by

[C] from ✔

Q:29. I do not know how to manage …… four hundred francs .

[A] with

[B] without

[C] by

[D] for

[B]  without ✔

Q:30 The treatment given to me was such…..could not be expected.

[A] whose

[B] who

[C] as

[D] which

[C] as ✔

English Quiz For Grammar

Q:31. His expectation is the same …… mine .

[A] as

[B] which is

[C] that is

[D] who is

[A] as ✔

Q:32. There is …… bread on the counter.

[A] some

[B] all

[C] none

[D] no

[D] no ✔

Q:33. I don’t have …… money in my packet .

[A] all

[B] some

[C] few

[D] any

[D] any ✔

Q:34. There is …… hope of his recovery .

[A] a little

[B] little

[C] the little

[D] few

[B]  little ✔

Q:35.. … one of the villagers has to vacate his house.

[A] All

[B] Few

[C] Every

[D] Many

[C]  Every ✔

Q:36. I bought a pen and an ink pot …….

[A] even

[B] also

[C] too

[D]None of these

[C]  too ✔

Q: 37. I came to Kanpur five years ago but I have not been to my home town.

[A] since

[B] ever since

[C] since ever

[D] All of the above

[B]  ever since ✔

Q:38. He aspires …… the post of a Professor.

[A] about

[B] for

[C] to

[D] on

[B] for ✔

Q: 39. He was born …… a family of clerks .

[A] in

[B] for

[C] upon

[D] into

[D]  into ✔

Q:40. You should generally pass …… the faults of your friends.

[A] by

[B] through

[C] over

[D] for

[A] by ✔

English Grammar Quiz

Q:41. I can testify …… this man’s veracity and good character.

[A] for

[B] about

[C] against

[D] to

[D]to  ✔

Q:42. It is …… who is to blame. .

[A] me

[B] they

[C] he

[D] us

[C]  he ✔

Q:43… … have been selected for scholarship .

[A] He, I and you

[B] You, he I

[C] I, he and you

[D] You, I and he

[B] You, he I ✔

Q:44. The jury delivered …… verdict unanimously .

[A] his

[B] her

[C] their

[D] its

[D] its ✔

Q:45. Ram and Shyam lost …… way in the wood .

[A] his

[B] its

[C] their

[D] theirs

[C] their ✔

Q:46. Each of the workers …… to bring …… Own tools.

[A] has, his

[B] have, his

[C] has, their

[D] have, their

[A] has, his ✔

Q:47. Everyone of them …… given …… uniform .

[A] was, his

[B] were, his

[C] was, this

[D] were, their

[A] was, his ✔

Q:48. The boy …… was lazy has failed.

[A]  which

[B] whose

[C] who

[D] whom

[C] who ✔

Q:49. Those …… live in glass houses should not throw stones .


[B] whom

[C] who

[D] which

[C] who ✔

Q:50. All …… he said was correct .

[A] which

[B] who

[C] whose

[D] that

[D]  that✔

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