Clean India green India : Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Essay

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 Clean India green India

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Introduction-Pairagraph on clean india Green india

The country of India was once called the golden bird, known for its splendor and culture. But due to the change of time, our country was ruled by many external forces, which worsened the condition of our country.

In our country, there is absolutely no attention given to cleanliness. You must have seen that any big state or city or village or village or mohalla in our country – you will get garbage there too.

One of the main reasons for the problems that hamper the development of our country is dirt because these people do not like coming to our country and due to which our country does not get so much fame. For this, our country should be completely clean, many great men had dreams and tried to make them come true but for some reason, they could not succeed.

Toilet facilities

Even today only a few houses in our country have toilet facilities, even in villages people go out to defecate, due to which the dirt gets spread in the villages and talk about cities, there are toilets in the cities but there are others There is too much of dirt, such as waste from factories, garbage, dirty sewers and household waste which is found in such a large quantity on the roads that the roads of our country are not visible. it has just appeared just rubbish.

how to make clean India Green India ? its solution below

Introduction to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

To make our country clean, the Government of India has come out with a new scheme, named ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Under this campaign, all the countrymen have been asked to join it.

The campaign has been running officially since 1999. Earlier it was called Rural Sanitation Campaign, but on 1 April 2012, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh changed the scheme to the name of the scheme Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan and later the government reorganized it. It was renamed as Total Sanitation Campaign. It was approved by the Union Cabinet on 24 September 2014 as a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 2 October 2014 on the occasion of the 145th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. He asked the nationalists to participate in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and make it a success while addressing the masses on Rajpath. This is the biggest campaign in terms of cleanliness. Because Gandhiji had a dream that our country should look as healthy and serene as that of foreign countries. Keeping this in view, the Prime Minister started this campaign from Rajghat in Delhi on his birthday.


Cleaning the country is not the sole responsibility of the scavengers,

Do citizens have no role in this, we have to change this mindset. (……………Narendra Modi)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had swept the streets in the Valmiki township of Delhi to spread awareness about cleanliness among the people. So that the people of the country should become aware that if the Prime Minister of our country can sweep the road to clean the country, then we also have to keep cleanliness around us to keep our country clean.

Mahatma Gandhi’s dream associated with clean India

Mahatma Gandhi had dreamed of making India a clean and clean country. In the context of his dream, Gandhiji said that cleanliness is more important than freedom because cleanliness is an essential part of a healthy and peaceful life. Mahatma Gandhiji was well aware of the poverty and filth of the country in his time, so he made many efforts to fulfill his dream but he could not succeed in it. But unfortunately, India is still far behind these two goals even after 72 years of independence. If we talk about the statistics, there is still no toilet in the homes of all the people, that is why the Government of India is seriously trying to connect all the people of the country with the Swachh Bharat Mission to make this thinking of Bapu a reality. So that it can be successful around the world.

Gandhiji Mission Complete

The mission is to complete Bapu’s 150th death anniversary (2 October 2019) from the date of its commencement. To make this campaign successful, the government requested all the people to give only 100 hours of cleanliness in their surroundings and other places in a year.

Clean India campaign objectives -Clean India Green India

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national level campaign. Prime Minister Modi has made a 5-year plan to achieve the goal of the main objective of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, under which the goal of making our entire country clean.

(1) The first objective of this campaign is that the corner of the country should be clean and tidy.

(2) People should be prevented from defecating in the open. Under which thousands of children die every year.

(3) Toilets should be constructed in every city and rural areas of India.

Every street and street in the city and village should be clean.

(4) At least one garbage vessel must be installed in every street.

(5) Construction of about 11 crores 11 lakh individual, group toilets, which will cost 1 lakh 34 thousand crores.

(6) Changing the mentality of people by using proper hygiene.

(7) To promote toilet use and initiate public awareness.

(8) By ensuring water supply in all houses, pipelines should be installed in the villages by 2019 to ensure cleanliness.

(9) Ensuring good management of solid and liquid waste through Gram Panchayat.

(10) Keeping roads, pavements, and settlements clean.

(11) To create awareness about cleanliness in all through cleanliness.

Need for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Till this time, the mission of this mission should continue in India. This is to promote the social and economic condition of India in the true sense which can be started by bringing cleanliness everywhere. Here are some points that show the need for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan –

(1) There is no place in our country where garbage is not spread. Every city, every village, every locality, every street of our India is full of garbage and filth.

(2) Due to the lack of toilets in the villages of our country, people still go to the open defecation due to which dirt spreads everywhere and this dirt invites new diseases.

(3) All the rivers and streams around us live in such a way as if garbage is flowing instead of water.

(4) Due to this garbage and garbage, people from abroad do not like to come to our country, due to which our country suffers economic losses.

   Clean India Green India

(5) Due to this waste, we as well as other living animals are also damaged and our earth is also polluted.

(6) It is very important that every house in India has a toilet and there is a need to end the open defecation trend.

(7) Recycling and reuse of municipal waste, safe disposal, and implementation of sewage management in a scientific manner.

(8) To create global awareness among people living in rural areas and to connect general people with health.

(9) To increase the share of the private sector to develop sanitation facilities across India.

(10) Making India clean and green.

(11) To improve the quality of life in rural areas.

(12) To make communities and Panchayati Raj Institutions aware of continuous cleanliness through health education programs.

We and you are also responsible for this mess and garbage, because we also throw garbage anywhere, knowingly and unknowingly. Due to which garbage is spread everywhere in our country and with it our entire environment gets polluted. This dirt and garbage are increasing day by day. Due to which many problems are being created, hence the need for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan under which our whole India can be seen clean and clear.

Due to the country’s not being clean

The first reason why our country is not clean is you and us because dirt and garbage are spread by the human race itself. You and we throw garbage anywhere and we blame it to others. There are many more reasons why our country is not clean and tidy, some of which are the main reasons –

1. Lack of education

Our country is very backward in the field of education. If people are not educated, then they will not be aware that they are inadvertently polluting their surroundings, and what harm they are doing as the environment is polluted. The promotion of education is very important for a clean and clean India among the people.

2. Bad mentality

Some people believe that spreading our little garbage will not make the country a bit dirty. People with this type of mentality keep spreading garbage everywhere, due to which it becomes a little bit too much.

3. No toilets in homes

You must have noticed that often there are no toilets in the houses in the village, due to which people either go to the fields to defecate or go to the railway tracks and defecate, due to which there is a mess environment everywhere.

4. Excess population –

Our India country comes second in the world in terms of population, if the population continues to grow in this way, then in the coming years, our country will be number one in terms of the population.Due to the excess of dirt, the capital that goes into the economic development of our country to clean this dirt goes into cleaning the dirt.

Lack of public toilets

In our country, the lack of public toilets is found everywhere, due to which people defecate anywhere on the roadside or any corner, which causes a lot of dirt to spread.

6. Lack of proper disposal of waste

Garbage is a big problem in our country, according to 2017 data India generates 100,000 metric tons of waste per day. Despite such a large number of garbage, the correct measures have not been taken for its disposal.

7. Waste materials of industries –

There are many industries in our country, small and big, from which different types of waste matter comes out, which in simple terms we can store dirt. The people who run these industries run this waste material into the nearby river drains so that the entire environment is polluted.

Measures to keep the country clean -Clean India green India

To keep our Indian country clean and tidy, we have to start from today itself, because it is impossible to have cleanliness in our country till people themselves become aware.

(1) We have to build toilets in every house in the country.

(2) Public toilets will have to be built in the public spaces of every city, every village.

(3) To spread awareness about cleanliness and hygiene among the people.

(4) We have to create garbage characters everywhere.

(5) The promotion of education will have to be promoted.

(6) To change the mindset of the people, the message of cleanliness will have to be sent to every village.

(7) People have to tell about the serious consequences of dirt so that they know how much damage is caused to them as well as the whole environment by spreading their dirt.

(8) We have to reduce the growing population.

(9) We have to find the right method of disposal of waste and implement it as if heaps of garbage like mountains can be removed.

(10) We have to spread awareness among the people running the industry about how much our entire environment is getting polluted due to their small self-interest.

(11) We have to enact new laws so that people do not spread dirt anywhere.

Ministry involved in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

(1) Ministry of Urban Development
(2) State Government
(3) Ministry of Rural Development
(4) NGO
(5) Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
(6) Public Sector Undertakings and Corporations


In this way, all these ministries are making a significant contribution by joining the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. All the Ministries are striving to achieve the objectives of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at their respective levels.

Effective people selected for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had selected some influential people to promote the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Whose job is to make people aware of cleanliness in their respective areas.

The names of those people are as follows-

(1) Sachin Tendulkar (Cricketer)
(2) Mahendra Singh Dhoni (cricketer)
(3) Virat Kohli (cricketer)
(4) Baba Ramdev
(5) Salman Khan (Actor)
(6) Shashi Tharoor (Member of Parliament)

(7) Tarak Mehta’s team of inverted glasses
(8) Mridula Sinha (writer)
(9) Kamal Hasan (Actor)
(10) Anil Ambani (Industrialist)
(11) Priyanka Chopra (Actress)
(12) ER Dilkeshwar Kumar

Clean India campaign in urban areas

A separate strategy has been chalked out to keep the cities of our India clean and tidy under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

(1) Swachh Bharat Mission in urban areas aims to provide 2.6 lakh public toilets, 2.5 lakh community toilets to almost all 1.04 crore households including solid waste management in every city.

(2) Under this campaign, where public toilets are not possible, community toilets will be built there.

(3) Public toilets will be constructed near major places of cities such as public hospitals, bus stands, banks, post offices, railway stations, main markets, government offices, etc.

(4) To make this campaign successful, a budget of Rs 62,009 crore has been made, out of which Rs 14,623 crore will be spent by the Central Government in this campaign.

(5) 7,366 crores will be levied for the permanent solution of solid waste in our country.

These works will be done in urban areas under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
(i) Prevention of open defecation in urban areas.
(ii) Conversion of dirt-filled toilets into automatic flush toilets.
(iii) Managing solid waste.
(iv) Awareness of cleanliness should be spread among people as much as possible.
(v) To take measures to control the waste of factories.
(vi) To take control measures on the sewer and domestic waste which is found in such large quantities on the roads.

Clean India campaign in rural areas

You must have seen that the faster the development of our cities, the more backward the rural area is, although the government has made a lot of efforts to make the rural areas comfortable, the benefits of those schemes are not seen in the rural areas. have been found. Therefore, the government has also included rural areas under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

(1) For the management of waste in the rural areas, the rural people will be told about how to make compost from the waste and what are the benefits of the compost made from this waste so that people use such fertilizer in their fields. Do it

(2) 11 crore 11 lakh toilets are planned to be built in rural areas under this campaign.

(3) In order to make this campaign accessible to every person of the village, school teachers, schoolgirls, and Panchayat Samiti and Gram Panchayat will also be linked with it so that consciousness of cleanliness can be generated among the people at the earliest.

(4) Under this campaign, to build toilets in each house in rural areas Rs 10,000 was allocated to each house. But in these years due to rising inflation, this amount has been increased from 10000 to 12000 rupees.

Under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, these works will be done in rural areas-
(i) Open defecation free in rural areas.
(ii) Toilets to be constructed in every house in rural areas.
(iii) Manufacture of manure by making garbage and waste useful.
(iv) To make drains for drainage of dirty water.
(v) Construction of garbage vessels in public places in rural areas.

Clean India Clean School Campaign

The Swachh Bharat-Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan under the Ministry of Human Resource Development was organized between 25 September 2014 to 31 October 2014 in the Central Schools and Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangathan. Under this campaign, teachers and students had to keep cleanliness in their schools. Under these various activities were done in different schools, some of which are as follows –

(1) Talk with children every day during school classes on various aspects of cleanliness and hygiene, especially in relation to Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings related to cleanliness and good health.

(2) Cleaning class, laboratory, and libraries, etc.

(3) To talk about the contribution of any idol installed in the school or the person who established the school and cleaning these idols.

(4) Cleaning toilets and areas with drinking water.

(5) Cleaning the kitchen and the planet.

(6) Cleaning the playground.

(7) Maintenance and cleaning of school gardens.

(8) Annual maintenance of school buildings with dyeing and painting.

(9) Organizing competitions on essays, debates, painting, cleaning, and hygiene.

(10) To make a monitoring team of child cabinets and monitor the cleanliness drive.

(11) To keep garbage containers in every classroom of schools.

(12) Contest of debates and plays for consciousness about cleanliness.

(13) To organize a painting competition in which pictures related to cleanliness are depicted.

(14) Planting trees for greenery in schools.

(15) All children were told that they should wash their hands before eating food and wash their hands even after eating.

(16) To motivate all children to keep clean costumes.



Apply the changes you want to see in the world first. (…………… ..Mahatma Gandhi.)

This statement by Mahatma Gandhi is based on cleanliness. According to him, the torch of cleanliness awareness should be born in all. Under this, the work of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has started in schools too. Cleanliness not only keeps our body clean but also our mind.

In our India 

where there is cleanliness, God resides there, this practice is considered, so we should also adopt cleanliness. We and you have to start this together. So that our entire country becomes clean and tidy. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is working as a link to clean India. People are excited about their purpose and are becoming conscious of cleanliness. This is a commendable step taken by the Government of India. Become a partner in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Make people aware of cleanliness. Keeping this in mind, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also banned tobacco, gutka, pan, etc. products keeping in mind the cleanliness and hygiene of government buildings. Which is needed not only in Uttar Pradesh but in the whole of India? May India remain healthy so that we are clean.

tomorrow -clean India Green India

Our coming tomorrow with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will be very beautiful and unimaginable. If you and we together start fulfilling the goal of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, then the day is not far when our entire country will look completely clean like abroad. A healthy country and healthy society need its citizens to be healthy and clean in every business. And for this noble cause, we all have to come together and work together and fulfill this mission.

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