CBSE Class 4 Science Sample Question Paper

CBSE Class 4 Science Sample Question -Some Questions Paper for preparing Examination (4th Standard) Primary Class Sample Paper

Science Sample Question Paper-CBSE Class 4

1.Answer the following:- (any 10)

1. How many groups can animals be classified into?

2.In what form and where does a plant store extra food?

3. How are birds adapted to their aerial life?

4.What is incubation?

5.What is balanced diet?

6.How can we keep our teeth healthy and strong?

7.Define digestion. What are the main organs of the digestive system?

8.Why is junk food not good for health?

9.What is the venus flytrap’s special adaptation?

10.What are the characteristics of most mammals?

11.How do reptiles breathe?

12.What are permanent teeth? How many kinds of teeth are there?

Science Sample Paper

II. Fill in the blanks:-

1.A ……….between plants and animals is essential in nature.

2.Polar bear and yak have thick…….which helps them stay warm.
3……protects the embryo and gives water to it.

4.Water helps us in making food …..

5.A grown up adult has a set of……permanent teeth.
III. Write true or false:-

1.Carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis.

2.Reptiles breathe through gills.

3.The tadpole are similar to their adults.

4.The digested part of the food is absorbed into the blood:

5.Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.
IV. Give reasons:-

1.Mammals are warm blooded.

2.Leaves are called the food factories of plants.

3.Fungi are not able to make their own food.
V. Tick the right answer:-

1 Leaves are modified into spines in-
(a) insectivorous plant (b) desert plant ( c) aquatic plant

2.Lice are-
(a) omnivorous
(b) parasites
(c) scavengers

3.Young children need more-
(a) carbohydrates( b) proteins

4.Food passes from mouth to stomach through-
(a) intestine
(b) food pipe
(c) liver

5.Microbes that cause polio are-
(a) bacteria
(b) viruses
(c) protozoa

6.To make food plants use-
(b)carbon dioxide……

7.Albumen contains a large amount of-

8.Soft middle part of the tooth with nerves is-
(a)enamel………….(b)dentine………… (C)pulp………….
VI. Match the following:-

A. B
1. Blubber. – flying mammal

2. Starch -Fibres that aids digestion

3.Bat -Larva of Housefly

4.Maggot -Thick layer of fat.

5.Roughage. -Extra food stored in plant

VII. Name the following:-

1.Two name of aquatic plants.

2.Any two source of minerals.

3.Write two names of the organs of digestive system.

4.Two flightless birds

5.Two main source of proteins

VIII. Give one word fee the following:-

1.A place where a plant or animals lives.

2.The process of shedding old skin.

3.The part of a tooth visible above the gums.

4.The process of making food by leaves, using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.

5.Larva of a butterfly.

6.Breathing organs of fish.
IX. Write one main function of each-
(a) water-
(b) carbohydrates-

X. Describe the four stages of life cycle of a butterfly with the help of diagram
XI. Draw a labeled diagram of:- (Any One)
(1) Digestive system
(2) structure of a tooth
(3) Food chain

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