Which of the following statements is correct

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS “Which of the following statements is correct or true “ Environmental chemistry Multiple Choice Question MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Which of the following statements is correct or True 1.Monitoring is helpful in(a) Evaluating current trends in air quality(b) Implementing control measures(c) Reducing pollutant concentration to acceptable levels(d) All are correct statementsAns-(d) 2.The objective … Read more

Cellulose Meaning in Hindi सेल्युलोज क्या होता है

Cellulose Meaning in Hindi

Cellulose सेल्युलोज क्या होता है इसके महत्व की जानकारी Cellulose Meaning in Hindi व सेल्युलोज की संरचना Diagram of cellulose की Cellulose in Hindi Cellulose Meaning सेल्युलोज का अर्थ  जैसा की हम जानते है किसी जंतु अथवा पादप कोशिकाओं से मिलकर बना होता है इसमें एक अन्तर की पादप या पौधों की कोशिका का बाहरी दिवार या Cell wall सेल्युलोज का बना होता है सेल्युलोज वास्तव में एक प्रोटीन का नाम है । यदि आप कपास के फल जब वह कच्चा होता है उसे अंदर Cellulose ही होता है जो बाद में कपास या रुई में बदल जाता है । यही विज्ञान की भाषा में cellulose होता है । सेल्युलोज (Cellulose) सेल्युलोज पौधों की कोशिका भित्ति का मुख्य अवयव है, जो कोशिका को यान्त्रिक आधार (Mechanical … Read more

What is the full form of IPM ?

What is the full form of IPM ? INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM)Use of biopesticides is likely to be an integral part of disease management strategy forcrops including medicinal plants. Biopesticides offer a potential solution to the dilemmafrom both the environment and industrial viewpoint in integrated disease managementsystem. The use of pesticides should be managed in … Read more

What is Silicone Resins and Types

Silicone Resins : Silicone resins contain ring structures and have an much higher cross link density than silicon elastomers. What is Silicone Resins and Types The preparation of silicone resins is as much an art as a science. The resins are prepared by hydrolysing and condensing (or polymerising) mixtures of bifunctional or trifunctional alkyln chlorosilanes … Read more

Environmental chemistry Mcq Quiz


Atmosphere :Air Pollution,Meteorology, Vehicular Pollution, Green House Effect and Global Warming ,Ozone layer-The Earth Protective Umbrella –Environmental chemistry Mcq Quiz Question and Answer Question and Answer -Environmental chemistry Mcq Quiz 1.Air temperature in troposphere decreases with height at the rate of(a) 6.5°C per km(b) 5.5°C per km(c) 4.5°C per km(d) 3.5°C per kmANSWER-(a) 6.5°C per … Read more