Environmental chemistry Mcq Quiz


Atmosphere :Air Pollution,Meteorology, Vehicular Pollution, Green House Effect and Global Warming ,Ozone layer-The Earth Protective Umbrella –Environmental chemistry Mcq Quiz Question and Answer Question and Answer -Environmental chemistry Mcq Quiz 1.Air temperature in troposphere decreases with height at the rate of(a) 6.5°C per km(b) 5.5°C per km(c) 4.5°C per km(d) 3.5°C per kmANSWER-(a) 6.5°C per … Read more

Environment Chemistry-Multiple Choice Question

Most important Question Answer –Environment Chemistry-Multiple Choice Question ,Hazardous waste Noise Pollution etc. Disposal of radioactive waste(Hazardous waste) Environment Chemistry-Multiple Choice Question 1.Stack effluents from atomic power plants consist of(a) H-3,C-14(b)Kr-85, I-129(c) Ar-41, Xe-133(d) AllANSWER-(d) All 2.High level radioactive waste can be incorporated into(a) Borosilicate glass or ceramic matrix(b) Poly crystalline synrock(c) Both (a) and … Read more