What is Definition and Meaning of Eclosion

Eclosion: When an adult insect emerges from the pupa after metamorphosis, the process is called eclosion, controlled by the hormones produced by neuro-secretory cells in the brain.The induction of eclosion hormone into the pupa of moth just before the end of the metamorphosis activated the abdominal movements and spreading of wings after emergence.If the brain … Read more

What is Google Adsense- Choose Correct Answer

Choose Correct Answer-What is Google Adsense (A) Search Engine (B) Wallet (C) Advertisement Platform (D) Malware Answer- (C) Advertisement Platform Which is the largest cave in chhattisgarh The bird that has two front toes and two hind toes is The bird that builds a Cradle like nest is Which of the following has the greatest … Read more