Pronoun and Adjective basic

Pronoun and adjective basic- PronounThis stands for a noun.It is a proxy for a nounand helps in avoidingrepetition of words. Example Rama said that Ramaand Rama’s brotherwere in the village.Rama said that he andhis brother were in thevillage.There is a possibility ofambiguity and where itis likely to be ambiguousrepeat the noun itself. Example Rama said … Read more Pronoun and Adjective basic

Noun-basics beginner

Noun-basics beginner beginner let start-Noun-basics beginner A noun is naming names a person (ashoka,Napoleon, sanjay),place (town,city,New york)orthing (table,house ,flower).The word” thing”includeall things that we can feel,hear or think of (noise ,beauty,king kingship.etc.)   Nouns are classified into:(a) the common noun and the proper noun ,or into (b) the concrete noun and the abstract noun. … Read more Noun-basics beginner

History quiz-30 Most Important Quiz

History quiz-30 Most Important Quiz History quiz-30  A. Champa B. Vaishali C. Pushkalavati D. Koushambi Ans .  A History quiz2 Who was the founder of Haryark Dynasty?A. Shishupal B. BimbsarC. Ajatashatru  D. Udiyan Ans .  B 3 Who was the first foreigner who invaded India/  A. Derious  B. Sikandar  C. Selyucus  D. Philip Ans .  A4 What was the … Read more History quiz-30 Most Important Quiz

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