General English Quiz Question

General English Quiz Question -Correct Your English Grammar, Play quiz and Increase Your skills General English Quiz-Question and  answer Directions-In each of the following sentence, a blank space has been left. Fill in the blank space with the correct word from the four choices given below each sentence Q:1.He made …… but failed . [A]  […]

Grammar vs Spelling : English Quiz

Grammar vs Spelling : English Quiz– Test With Fun Quiz and Improvement Your Knowledge English Quiz Directions : In each of the following Questions, Choose the Correctly spelt Word. 1. [A] Efflorascence [B] Efflorescence [C] Efllorescence [D]Eflorescence SHOW ANSWER [B] Efflorescence ✔ 2. [A] Exemple [B] Exampel [C] Example [D] Exampal SHOW ANSWER [C] Example […]

X-Ray Diffraction In Hindi ऐक्स रे डिफरेक्शन हिंदी में

X-Ray Diffraction विधि द्वारा कोशिकाओं (Cells) में उपस्थित विभिन्न बायोमॉलिक्यूलस ( Biomolecules ) की संरचनाओं (Structures) की विस्तृत जानकारी (Detailed information) प्राप्त होती है. X-Ray Diffraction हिंदी में सामान्यतः इस विधि द्वारा विभिन्न प्रोटीन्स (Proteins), एन्जाइम्स (Enzymes) तथा DNA के डबल हेलिकल (Double helical) की प्रकृति (Nature) एवं विस्तृत संरचना का अध्ययन किया जाता है. […]

knowledge-words A

words A knowledge-words A ,let start Abattoir –  (noun) slaughterhouseAbjure –    disown, renounce on oath (an opinion,                   hearsay, cause, claim, etc.) Aberrations -deviation, straying Aboulia loss of willpower  Abrade  – injure, to wear away  Abnegate– deny oneself, renounce Abrogate -to annul, abolish, repeal Absolve -pardon, exonerate, forgive  Abstinence -continence, partial fasting, self-denial Abstruse -obscure, […]

Reliance Insurance new regulator

Update In a setback to the newly set up Reliance Health Insurance Company, the insurance regulator has barred it from selling new policies and has asked it to transfer the entire policyholders’ liabilities along with financial assets to Reliance General Insurance by November 15. The order by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India […]


Listening Listening-English Listening is one of the basic needs to learn a language. It is through capability of listening, one perceives the words reaching one’s ears.. man ear is one of the finest instruments, which receives and passes the sound waves to the brain for comprehension. Once the brain registers the sound it also has […]


COMMON  ERRORS common Errors-We shall begin with the study of errors in the use of nouns. The errors can be broadly classified into (common Errors) (i) lack of agreement between the noun and the verb (i.e., the subject and the predicate) and the pronoun, its antecedent and its verbs. (ii) errors in the use of […]


 Learn-Adverb/Preposition/phrase/conjunctions -basic knowledge Adverb Adverb/Preposition/phrase/conjunctions   Adverb/Preposition/phrase/conjunctions An adverb is a word that modifies a verb,an adjective or another adverb. It indicates time,place,manner and so Adverb/Preposition/phrase/conjunctions Examples He is leaving tomorrow (when-time) He went away (where-place) He walked groggily (how-manner) [ In the case of the question ‘how’, the answer must describe a verb if […]

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