Best Chemistry Quiz For Student : General Knowledge

General Knowledge : Best Chemistry Quiz For Student

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 General Knowledge


Q(1): Which is the largest stable atom ?

[A] Bi

[B] Al

[C] U

[D] Pb

[D] Pb ✔

Q(2):pH of a solution is 4, then OH concentration is 


10 x 105










[B] 10-10✔

Q(3):Osmotic pressure can be increased by

[A] increasing temperature 

[B] decreasing temperature

[C] increasing volume

[D] None of these 

[A] increasing temperature ✔

Q(4): Chloroform on warming with Ag powder gives







[D] None of these

  [C] C2H2✔

Q(5): Potash Alum is used as

[A] water softener

[B] disinfectant

[C] mordant

[D] coolant 

[A] water softener ✔

Q(6): Which of the following statements, if any,
regarding hydrogen peroxide is false ? It is-

[A]  -decomposed by MnO2

[B] – more stable in basic solution

[C] – behaves as a reducing agent towards acidified KMnO4 

[D] – strong oxidizing agent

[B] It is more stable in basic solution ✔

Q(7): Milk is

[A] fat dispersed in water 

[B] water dispersed in fat

[C] fat dispersed in milk

[D] water dispersed in oil

[A] fat dispersed in water ✔

Best Chemistry Quiz For Student : General Knowledge

Q(8): Which of the following is endothermic ?













[A] N+1/2 O2 – NO ✔

Q(9): Formula of Plaster of Paris

[A] CaSO4. H2O

[B] CaSO4.2H2O

[C] CaSO4. 1/2 H2O




[C] CaSO4. 1/2 H2O ✔

Q(10):Which of the following set belongs to same
period ?

[A] Li, Na, K

[B] Li, Mg, Ca 

[C] Cu, Ni, Zn

[D] F, CI, Br

[C] Cu, Ni, Zn ✔

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Q(11):Colloidal found effective in treating eye
disease ,colloidal-

[A] S

[B]  antimony

[C] gold

[D]  silver

[D] colloidal silver✔

Q(12): To show variable valency due to

[A] lone pair effect

[B] intern pair effect

[C] high M.P.

[D] high B.P.

[B] intern pair effect ✔

Q(13):Dipole moment zero

[A] CCl4


[C] CH2Cl2

[D] CH3Cl

[A] CCl4 ✔

Q(14):Aspirin is acetyl salicylic acid it

[A]does not ppt. in stomach but ppt. in intestine

[B] ppt. in stomach but not in intestine

[C] Both of these

[D] None of these 

[A]does not ppt. in stomach but ppt. in intestine ✔

Q(15): NaHCO3 is prepared by

[A] Solvey process

[B] Bosch process

[C] Dow process 

[D] None of these

[A] Solvey process ✔

Q(16): Which of the following structure is planar ?

[A] CH4

[B] C2H4 

[C] C2H2

[D] C2H6

[B] C2H4 ✔

Q(17): Constituent of light oil is 

[A] Benzene

[B] Phenol 

[C] Anthracene

[D] Aniline 

[A] Benzene ✔

Q(18): Vanaspati ghee is manufactured by

[A] hydrogenation of oil

[B] oxidation of oil

[C] reduction of oil

[D] None of these 

[A] hydrogenation of oil ✔

Q(19):Dalong and Petit’s Law used specific heat for
determination of atomic weight for

[A] Solid

[B] Gas 

[C] Liquid

[D] All of these 

[A] Solid ✔

Q(20): In towns, a layer of air is condensed as smoke
due to pollution is called

[A] Smog

[B] Mist 

[C] Smoke 

[D] Fog 

[A] Smog  ✔

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Q(21): Natural gas is




[B] CH4




[D] C2H2

[B] CH4 ✔

Q(22): A neutral atom (Atomic No. > 1) contain

[A] Proton only

[B] Neutron + Proton

[C]  Electron+Neutron

[D]  Proton + Electron +Neutron

[D]  Proton + Electron+ Neutron ✔

Q(23): Atomic number means-No. of

[A]  electron

[B] proton

[C] neutron 

[D]  nucleons 

[B] proton ✔

Q(24): Which of the following atomic no.of Uranium is the most radio-active ?

[A] 238

[B] 235

[C] 226

[D] 248

[B] 235 ✔

Q(25):Ethane and Methane is prepared in one step by 

[A] CH3Br

[B] C2H5Br

[C] -C2H5OH 

[D] C2H5CHO 

[A] CH3Br ✔

Q(26):Which of the following is correct sequence for ionic radius?

[A] Na< Al< Cl< Ar

[B] Na> Al > Cl > Ar

[C] Na < Al>Cl < Ar

[D] Na  < Al< Cl >

[B] Na > Al > Cl > Ar ✔

Q(27): CCl4 is used as fire extinguisher because

[A] high melting point

[B] due to covalent bond

[C] low boiling point

[D] gives incombustible vapour

[D] gives incombustible vapour ✔

Q(28): NH3 and H2O form NH4OH by

[A] electrovalent bond

[B] covalent bond

[C] coordinate bond 

[D] None of these

[A] electrovalent bond ✔

Q(29): Diamond is used in glass cutting due to

[A] hard substance

[B]  R.I.(high )

[C]  M.B.(high)

[D] metallic bonding  (high)

[A] hard substance ✔

Q(30): Brownian moment is found in

[A] colloidal solution

[B] suspension 

[C] saturated solution

[D] unsaturated solution

[A] colloidal solution✔

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Best Chemistry Quiz For Student : General Knowledge

Q(31): Unit of molarity is

[A] gm/lit

[B] mole/lit 

[C] kg/lit

[D] None of these 

[B] mole/lit ✔

Q(32): Electroplating is discovered by 

[A] Faraday

[B] Arrhenious

[C] Newton

[D] Dalton 

[A] Faraday✔

Q(33):Which of the following is not a mode of dissociation of

radioactive substance ?

[A] Electron capture

[B] a-particle

[C] B-emission

[D] Fission

[D] Fission ✔

Q(34): Indicator used in titration of oxalic acid and NaOH is 

[A] methyl orange

[B] methyl red

[C] phenolphthalene 

[D] None of these

[C] phenolphthalene ✔

Q(35): Glass is soluble in

[A] HF

[B] H2SO4


[D] Aqua regia

[A] HF ✔

Q(36): Paraldehyde is formed by polymerization of




[D] CH3 .CH2OH 

[A] CH3CHO ✔

Q(37): Which of the following is metalloid ?

[A] Te

[B] S

[C] Se 

[D] At 

[A] Te ✔

Q(38): Which of the following is used as “Control red”?

[A] Cadmium rod

[B] Graphite rod

[C] Steel

[D] All of these 

[A] Cadmium rod ✔

Q(39):Which of the following is used as “Anaesthesia “?

[A] CH4

[B] CO2

[C] N2O

[D] N2 

[C] N2O ✔

Q(40): Stainless steel contain iron with 

[A] Cr+Ni

[B] Cr + Zn

[C] Sn + Pb

[D] Bi + Ni

[A] Cr+Ni ✔

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Q(41): In photography HYPO is used as

[A] O.A.

[B] R.A.

[C] Complexing agent

[D] All of the above

[C] Complexing agent✔

Q(42):A war gas Lewisite is formed by reaction of arsenic chloride with

[A] CH4

[B] C6H6 

[C] C2H2

[D] C2H4 

[C] C2H2 ✔

Q(43): Dynamite contain

[A] Nitroglycerine mixed with saw dust

[B] Nitroglycerine mixed with H2SO4

[C] Both of these

[D] None of these

[A] Nitroglycerine mixed with saw dust ✔

Q(44): Natural rubber is polymer of

[A] Trans-isoprene

[B] Cis-isoprene

[C] co-cis-trans isoprene

[D] None of these 

[B] Cis-isoprene ✔

Q(45): Sea-diver goes deep in scar with mixture of
which of the following gas?

[A] He and O2

[B] Ar and O2

[C] CO2 and O2

[D] Ar and CO2

[A] He and O2 ✔

Q(46): A mixture contain Benzene and Chlorobenzene is separated by

[A] sublimation

[B] separating tunnel

[C] crystallization

[D] distillation 

[D] distillation ✔
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Q(47): Kerosene oil has compounds having 

[A] C5 – C8

[B] C8-C12



[C]C12-C16 ✔

Q(48):Which of the following is used as refrigerant

[A] CO2

[B] CHCl3

[C] Sic

[D] CF2Cl2

[D] CF2Cl2✔

Q(49): Higher percentage of carbon found in

[A] Anthracene

[B] Bituminous

[C] Peat

[D] All equal

[A] Anthracene  ✔

Q(50): Lead tetraethyl is used as

[A] fire extinguisher

[B] pain killer

[C] anti-knock agent

[D] mosquito repellent

[C] anti-knock agent✔

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